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156. Görlitz, K., Bessler, L., Helm, M., Schaffrath, R., Klassen, R., Fluoropyrimidines trigger decay of hypomodified tRNA in yeast, (2024), Nucleic Acid Res., May, 8, Online ahead of print, Full text R26 Motorin, Y., Helm, M., General Principles and Limitations for Detection of RNA Modifications by Sequencing, (2024), Acc Chem Res., Feb. 6, 57(3):275-288, Full text
PMID: 38716877 IF: 14.9 PMID: 38065564 IF: 24.5
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PMID: 38682613 IF: 14.9
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PMID: 38630955 IF: 3.5
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PMID: 38456039 IF: 4.1
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PMID: 38287100 IF: 11.0 PMID: 37714958 IF: 59.9
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151. Boulet. M., Gilbert, G., Renaud, Y., Schmidt-Dengler, M., Plantié, E., Bertrand, R., Nan, X., Jurkowski, T., Helm, M., Vandel, L., Waltzer, L., Adenine methylation is very scarce in the Drosophila genome and not erased by the ten-eleven translocation dioxygenase, (2023), Elife, Dec., 21:12:RP91655,  Full text
PMID: 38126351 IF: 8.7
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PMID: 37609797 IF: 11.4
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PMID: 37549052 IF: 6.9  
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PMID: 37516825 IF: 41.4  
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PMID: 37554463 IF: 6.1  
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PMID: 37312859 IF: 4.6  
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PMID: 36629490 IF:15.3  
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PMID: 36468867 IF: 3.5  
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143. Pichot, F., Hogg, M. C., Marchand, V., Bourguignon, V., Jirström, E., Farrell, C., Gibriel, H. A., Prehn, J. H. M., Motorin, Y.*, & Helm, M.*,  Quantification of substoichiometric modification reveals global tsRNA hypomodification, preferences for angiogenin-mediated tRNA cleavage, and idiosyncratic epitranscriptomes of human neuronal cell-lines, (2022), Computational and structural biotechnology journal21, Dec 19, 21:401-417, Full text R24 Brégeon,D., Pecqueur, L., Toubdji, S., Sudol, C., Lombard, M., Fontecave, M., de Crécy-Lagard, V., Motorin, Y., Helm, M., Hamdane, D., Dihydrouridine in the Transcriptome: New Life for This Ancient RNA Chemical Modification, (2022), ACS Chem Biol., Jun. 23Full text
PMID: 36618980 IF:7.3 PMID: 35737906 IF:4.4
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PMID: 36407957  IF: 4.9 PMID: 35478019 IF: 42.8
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PMID: 36070377 IF: 14.1
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PMID: 36062567 IF: 19.2
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PMID: 36100352 IF: 4.9
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PMID: 36192131 IF: 4.9
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PMID: 35849534 IF: 6.3
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PMID: 35314341 IF: 4.7
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PMID: 34850949 IF: 19.2
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ohx.2022.e00256 
131. Biedenbänder, T., de Jesus, V., Schmidt-Dengler, M., Helm, M., Corzilius, B., Fürtig, B., RNA modifications stabilize the tertiary structure of tRNAfMet by locally increasing conformational dynamics, (2022), Nucleic Acid Res., Feb. 28, 50(4):2334-2349, Full text
PMID: 35137185 IF: 19.2
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PMID: 34774131 IF: 17,9 PMID: 34913259 IF: 11,9
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PMID: 33435213 IF: 3,6
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118. Galvanin, A., Vogt, L.-M., Grober, A., Freund, I., Ayadi, L., Bourguignon-Igel, V., Bessler, L., Jacob, D., Eigenbrod, T., Marchand, V., Dalpke, A., Helm, M., Motorin, Y., Bacterial tRNA 2'-O-metyhlation is dynamically regulated under stress conditions and modulates innate immune response, (2020), Nucleic Acids Res., Dec. 16, 48(22):12833-12844, Full text R18 Ruggieri, A., Helm, M., Chatel-Chaix, L., An epigenetic "extreme makeover": the methylation of flaviviral RNA (and beyond), (2020), RNA Biol.,  Epub Dec. 23; Print 2021 May;18(5):696-708., Full text
PMID: 33275131 IF: 11,5 PMID: 33356825 IF: 5,4
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PMID: 32117451 IF: 3,8
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