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Registration for the VIII. Nucleinsäurechemietreffen 2017 is now open !!!

Registration for the 1st Symposium on Nucleic Acid Modifications is now open !!!

Neueste Publikationen

Legrand, C., Tuorto, F., Hartmann, M., Liebers, R., Jacob, D., Helm, M., Lyko, F., Statistically robust methylation calling for whole-transcriptome bisulfite sequencing reveals distinct methylation patterns for mouse RNAs, (2017)Genome Res., Jul. 6, Epub ahead of print, Full text 

Schmitt, F.C.F., Freund, I., Weigand, M.A., Helm, M., Dalpke, A.H., Eigenbrod, T., Identification of an optimized 2'-O-methylated tri-nucleotide RNA motif inhibiting Toll-like receptor 7 and 8, (2017), RNA, Jun. 2, Epub ahead of print, Full text


1. Helm group organizes 1st Symposium on Nucleic Acid Modification, Mainz 4-6 September 2017


2. Mark Helm to give talk at the CHS Asia 2017 conference "RNA Modifications & Epitranscriptomics",