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Neueste Publikationen

Falckenhayn, C., Carneiro, VC., de Mendonça Amarante, A., Schmid, K., Hanna, K., Kang, S., Helm, M., Dimopoulos, G., Fantappié, MR., Lyko, F., Comprehensive DNA methylation analysis of the Aedes aegypti genome, (2016) Sci. Rep., Nov. 2, 6:36444, Full text

Müller, S., Fritz, T., Gimnich, M., Worm, M., Helm, M., Frey, H., Biodegradable Hyperbranched Polyether-Lipids with In-Chain pH-Sensitive Linkages, (2016) Polym. Chem., Sep. 19, Full text


1. Helm group organizes Meeting of the GBM Study Group "RNA Biochemistry" including workshop
    "extracellular RNA". Bonn, 06.-09. Oktober 2016


2. Mark Helm to give talk at the GRC conference "RNA Editing",
    Gorden Research Conference, Ventura, CA, 12.-17. März 2017