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Keller, P., Freund, I., Marchand, V., Bec, G., Huang, R., Motorin, Y., Eigenbrod, T., Dalpke, A., Helm, M.,
Double methylation of tRNA-U54 to 2'-O-methylthymidine (TM) synergistically decreases immune response by Toll-like receptor 7., (2018), Nucleic Acids Res., Aug. 8, Epub ahead of print, Full text


Dal Magro, C., Keller, P., Kotter, A., Werner, S., Duarte, V., Marchand, V., Ignarski, M., Freiwald, A., Müller, R.U., Dietrich, C., Motorin, Y., Butter, F., Atta, M., Helm, M.,
A vastly increased chemical variety of RNA modifications that includes a thioacetal structure, (2018), Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl., Apr. 6, Epub ahead of print, Full text


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