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Neueste Publikationen

Helm, M., Motorin, Y., Detecting RNA modifications in the epitranscriptome: predict and validate, (2017), Nature Reviews Genetics, Feb. 20Full text

Marchand, V., Pichot, F., Thüring, K., Avadi, L., Freund, I., Dalpke, A., Helm, M., Motorin, Y., Next-Generation Sequencing-Based RiboMethSeq Protocol for Analysis of tRNA 2'-O-Methylation, (2017), Biomolecules, Feb. 9, 7(1), Full text


1. Mark Helm to give talk at eht GRC conference "RNA Editing"
    Gorden Research Conference, Ventura, CA, 12.-17. März 2017


2. Helm group organizes 1st Symposium on Nucleic Acid Modification, Mainz 4-6 September 2017


3. Mark Helm to give talk at the CHS Asia 2017 conference "RNA Modifications & Eptranscriptomics",