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Neueste Publikationen

Marchand, V., Blanloeil- Oillo, F., Helm, M., Motorin, Y., Illumina-based RiboMethSeq approach for mapping of 2'-O-Me residues in RNA., (2016) Nucleic Acid Research, Jun. 14, Epub ahead of print, Full text

Thüring, K., Schmid, K., Keller, P., Helm, M., (2016) Analysis of RNA modifications by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Methods, Mar. 25, Epub ahead of print. Full text


1. Mark Helm to give talk at the CEITEC conference "Nucleic Acids and Immunity",
    CEITEC Brno, Czech Republic, 07.-09. September 2016


2. Helm group organizes Meeting of the GBM Study Group "RNA Biochemistry" including workshop
    "extracellular RNA".
     Bonn, 06.-09. Oktober 2016