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Bericht der Nationalen Akademie der USA über RNA-Modifikation - veröffentlicht am 21. März 2024.

Link zum Video:  Toward Sequencing and Mapping of RNA Modifications Report Release Webinar | National Academies

Link zum Download: Charting a Future for Sequencing RNA and Its Modifications: A New Era for Biology and Medicine | The National Academies Press


Neueste Publikationen

Görlitz, K., Bessler, L., Helm, M., Schaffrath, R., Klassen, R., Fluoropyrimidines trigger decay of hypomodified tRNA in yeast, (2024), Nucleic Acid Res., May, 8, Online ahead of print, Full text


Sudol, C., Kilz, L.-M., Marchand, V., Thullier, Q., Guérineau, V., Goyenvalle, C., Faivre, B., Toubdji, S., Lombard, M., Jean-Jean, O., de Crecy-Lagard, V., Helm, M., Motorin, Y., Brégeon, D., Hamdane, D., Functional redundancy in tRNA dihydrouridylation, (2024), Nucleic Acid Res., Apr. 29, Online ahead of print, Full text