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Gleue, L., Schupp, J., Zimmer, N., Becker, E., Frey, H., Tuettenberg, A., Helm, M.,, Stability of Alkyl Chain-Mediated Lipid Anchoring in Liposomal Membranes, (2020), Cells., Sep. 29, 9(10):2213, Full text

Marchand, V., Pichot, F., Neybecker, P., Ayadi, L., Bourguignon-Igel, V., Wacheul, L., Lafontaine, D.L.J., Pinzano, A., Helm, M., Motorin, Y., HydraPsiSeq: a method for systematic and quantitative mapping of pseudouridines in RNA, (2020), Nucleic Acid Res., Sep. 25, Online ahead of print, Full text